What are the best ways to buy workers compensation insurance?

You have a variety of options when buying workers comp insurance, but can you have confidence that the policy you buy is equal to or better than other policies available to you?

It's important to understand that the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has developed required standards for its member states. All work comp insurance carriers and the insurance policies they issue are regulated and receive oversight from various legal authorities within the states they operate. In Kansas, for example, the insurance commissioner's office provides regulation while the Kansas Department of Labor provides oversight. As a result, all work comp policies offered in a state are identical in terms of the coverages provided. You can have confidence that the workman's comp policy you buy is equal to all other policies available in your state. With all policies being equal, you should base your buying decision on the following four differentiators:

  • Price
  • Credit Rating
  • Claims Service
  • Customer Service

Here at CheapWorkComp, we're experts in helping you find the cheapest work comp price from financially strong insurance companies providing best-in-class claims service. We use Smart-Search technology to compare dozens of work comp carriers to find you the cheapest rate possible. When it comes to customer service, we wrote the book. We've been doing this since 1992.

We're so confident no one does it better than us, we've provided links below to other workers compensation insurance options available to you.  Call us. Call them. Then call us back at 913-647-5536 or email us at SaveMoney@CheapWorkComp.com.

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