Arkansas Court Rules on Workers's Comp Claim

February 16, 2020

The Arkansas Court of Appeals recently affirmed a decision by the Arkansas Workers Compensation Commission to grant workers comp coverage to an employee whose Arkansas employer attempted to deny benefits. 

The employee had reported what was believed to be a minor work-related injury to her supervisor shortly before leaving on a one-week vacation.  Upon returning from vacation the employee went to an emergency room due to growing pain from the injury.  Upon discharge from the hospital, the employee reported the matter to her employer. 

In its investigation of the injury, the employer determined the employee had not reported the injury in a timely manner.  The employer denied work comp benefits. 

An Administrative Law Judge determined the employee was entitled to Arkansas workers compensation benefits.  TheArkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission upheld the decision.  The employer appealed.  The appeals court ruled that Arkansas’s Workers’Compensation Commission has final authority in determining work comp benefits eligibility. 

(M.A. Mortenson Companies v. Mae ReedArkansasCourt of Appeals Division I, No. CV-19-540, 12/4/19)


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