NSM Provides Workman's Compensation for Human Services

April 27, 2020

NSM Insurance Group's exclusive workers' compensation insurance program has established a reputation as a stable provider of sound and competitive workers' comp solutions for a wide range of industry segments,including human services.

They provide workers’ comp for Nonprofit & For-Profit Social Service Organizations including:

 •             ReligiousOrganizations

•             Adult DayCare

•             YMCA,YWCA, YMHA, YWHA

•             Child DayCare Centers

•             NonprofitCamps

•             YouthResidential Care Facilities

•             ID/DDFacilities

•             GroupHomes

•             HomeHealth (in preferred states) 

Addiction Treatment Facilities

•             SoberLiving Homes

•             ResidentialTreatment Centers

•             OutpatientTreatment Centers

•             PsychiatricHospitals


•             PrivateSchools

•             CharterSchools

•             Vo-techSchools

Call us today at Cheap Work Comp to learn more: 913-647-5536

NSM is located in Cohshohocken PA.

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