Viacomp is a Workers' Compensation Specialist

April 17, 2020

As a workers' comp specialists, they have carriers that will consider many business classes including:

Artisan Contractors • Apartments/Condo Associations • Ambulance and Non-Emergency Medical Transport • Animal Shelters • Assisted Living • Auto Dealers Auto Repair Facilities • Bakeries • Banks • Bowling Alleys Car Washes •Carpentry • Charter Schools • Contractors Country Clubs • Daycare Centers • Dry Cleaners • Electricians Farms • Flooring/Tile Installers • Gasoline Dealers • Golf Courses • Grocery Stores • Health Clubs • Health Care • Hotels • HVAC • Hospitality& Entertainment • Landscapers • Laundromats • Machinists • Manufacturing • Masonry/Concrete • Mining/Quarries • Mobile Home Parks • Motels • Plumbers • Retail• Restaurants • Roofing+ • Social Services • 24 Hour Diners • Tree Trimmers+ •Trucking+ • Wholesale. 

Please Note: Carriers, class codes and premium minimums vary by state. Prior coverage and 3-5 years loss history required for most carriers/classes. +Roofing, Tree Trimming & Trucking not available in all states. Our markets are currently NOT writing Tree Trimming or Roofing in CA,MA, MI, NJ & NY, and currently NOT writing Trucking in CA, MA, MI & NY.NOT ALL CARRIERS WRITE ALL CLASSES IN ALL STATES. A RISK MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR REVIEW AND DETERMINATION OF ELIGIBILITY.

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 Viacomp is located in Langhorne, PA.

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