What does workers’ compensation insurance cover?

The purpose of work comp insurance is to provide a quick and guaranteed source of payment for the medical and rehabilitation therapy expenses incurred by an employee due to a work-related injury.  Depending upon the amount of time missed from work due to the injury, worker’s comp coverage will provide reimbursement to the employee for wages lost.  Also, workers’ comp policies may pay limited incidental expenses incurred by the injured worker.  Depending upon the degree of injury, the workman’s compensation policy may pay a settlement to an injured worker for their partial or total physical disability resulting from the injury.  In the event of death, financial relief will be provided to the surviving spouse and dependents. 

Payment schedules and expenses qualifying for reimbursement vary by state and are typically outlined within each state’s workers compensation regulations. 

You’ll want to review contact your state’s Division of Workers Compensation or Department of Labor for specific details.

Kansas Work Comp Statutes & Regulations (link updated 1/26/2020)

Missouri Work Comp Statutes & Regulations (link updated 1/26/2020)

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